Alpacas and llamas



Miniature mediterranean donkeys

Welcome to Coppidthorne Farm - breeder of Miniature Mediterranean donkeys and pedigree goats on the Isle of Wight


Coppidthorne Farm is located on the Isle of Wight. On the farm a mixture of animals live, first to arrive were alpacas followed by Llamas, Pygmy goats, Mediterranean Miniature donkeys and a selection of ducks and geese. Tha alpaca herd is growing, now one of the largest on the Island, all colours from white through to black via rose grey.

This year my donkeys have given birth to some beautiful miniature foals.

Miniature mediterranean donkeys for sale.

Goats available for sale - Pygmy, Golden Guernsey and Angora.

Fleece from the alpacas is sent to a mill to be processed into wool in a variety of beautiful natural colours available for sale. Fleeces also availale for sale.





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