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  1. So far 4 beautiful cria have arrived, 1 boy and 3 girls. My new stud male has produced 3 lovely alpacas.


    Domitia and Messalina relaxing after a dust bath


    Castor, the eldest. Another smashing boy from Melosa.

    Yesterday I collected my new Angora goat male stud from Devon. A friendly boy who will meet the ladies next year!

    2 more cria due in the next couple of weeks.....

  2. This is my first blog on my new website.

    Welcome to my  farm.

    My pygmy goats have successfully given birth this year and their kids are growing up fast.

    I am now awaiting the beginning of the alpaca birthing season, with Melosa at 330 days, the birthing kit is on standby...she likes to give birth in the rain so it could be any time..

    Today I took the miniature donkeys for a walk, the girls were keen but the boys prefer to eat rather than walk.

    Back soon







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