Alpacas and llamas



Miniature mediterranean donkeys

Meet the alpacas

Let me introduce you to Cassius, the first alpaca born on the farm early in the summer of 2011.He hadn't read the book that states alpacas are born during the day so I found him wandering around the paddock with his mother very early one morning. Here he is sitting next to his mother Gemma. She never liked him to be too near.

He has grown into a big fluffy boy and is best pals with Claudius and a certain large spotty llama..


Cassius and Gemma


If you look very closely you will be able to spot his father in the background - Nataniel




He has grown into a big fluffy boy


Cassius was soon followed by Claudius, who decided to make an entrance into the world on a very wet cold June morning. After wearing everyones coats as well as his own he slowly warmed up and has been my best buddy ever since. Definitely on the ' never to be sold ' list.


Claudius and Melosa


 Here he is with proud mother Melosa.




Here I am with the boys. Kynley (well, he is actually a llama, here he is an honorary alpaca) with his best buddies the newly shorn Claudius and Cassius.




But, come the summer, girls have to bathe...


Here is Octavian, with a name like that destined for greatness Caesar..




This year Gemma produced Sophia, already very close



With Dahlia my pygmy goat keeping watch




This year melosa produced Castor.




The final two boys of 2013. The one on the left is my smallest cria yet, so was given a name to aspire to, welcome to Hercules. His new best friend, a mere six days older is Augustus.

















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